Study: Cannabinoids Can Prevent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Study: Cannabinoids Can Prevent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Giving cannabinoids to an individual soon after they experience a traumatic event can prevent post traumatic stress disorder, according toptsd a new University of Haifa study, which was published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

“The findings of our study suggest that the connectivity within the brain’s fear circuit changes following trauma, and the administration of cannabinoids prevents this change from happening,” researchers said in a press release.

For the study, rats were injected with a synthetic substance meant to mimic the effects of cannabis after experiencing both a trauma and trauma reminders; these rats showed no PTSD symptoms, such as increased startle response and changes in sensitivity to pain, compared to those not injected with the drug.

Researchers conclude; “The importance of this study is that it contributes to the understanding of the brain basis of the positive effect cannabis has on PTSD and thus supports the necessity to perform human trials to examine potential ways to prevent the development of PTSD and anxiety disorders in response to a traumatic event”.

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