Survey: “Stoners” More Likely to Have Multiple Orgasms, be Dating Someone

The new Singles in America Survey has found some interesting connections between cannabis use and people’s sex and dating life.

multiple orgasmsThe survey, conducted by, used 5,500 participants. It found that cannabis consumers are 151% more likely to already be dating someone. They are also 109% more likely to have multiple orgasms, 58% “more likely to have had a date in the past year”, and 44% “more likely to be actively looking for commitment”.

The survey found cannabis consumers to be 65% “more likely to have a graduate or professional degree”, and are 143% less likely to belong to an organized religion.

The top five cities to find singles who have smoked cannabis, the survey determined is:

  • San Fransisco, California: 63%
  • San Antonio, Texas: 60%
  • Nashville, Tennessee: 55%
  • Denver, Colorado: 52%
  • Seattle, Washington: 51%

You can find the survey’s full results by clicking here.

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