Stephen Colbert Makes Fun of Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana Comments

On yesterday’s episode of Late Night With Stephen Colbert, Colbert made fun of Sessions’ recent remarks that marijuana is “only slightly less awful” than heroin.

Before responding to Sessions remark, Colbert made a cannabis-related joke within the first two minutes of his opening monologue.

“White House staffers are so afraid that a deep state of career military and intelligence officials are out to destroy them. Now, what is a deep state? I thought a deep state is what you achieve after doing three bong hits and watching Planet Earth? Very deep… very deep. Those lizards are going to get caught by those snakes!”

A few minutes later Colbert asked his audience; “Does anyone dabble in the marijuana?”, which led to heavy cheering from the crowd. “Shh… not so loud” Colbert said. “Don’t tell our attorney general and forest gnome whose riddles are kind of racist Jeff Sessions.”

Colbert then went over Sessions recent comments that marijuana is “only slightly less awful”  than heroin, and responded by saying; “Sure, marijuana’s only slightly less awful than heroin…. like how burning your tongue on hot cocoa is only slightly less awful than being set on fire.”

Following the joke, Colbert said; “Sessions really is uptight, if only there was someway to mellow him out, something that’s legal in half of America at this point.”

Colbert’s comments can be seen in the video below:

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