State’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Open in Vermont

State’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Open in Vermont

Roughly two years after the state’s legislature approved a proposal legalizing medical cannabis, two dispensaries have officially opened in the state, finally providing those who need it with safe access to their medicine.

normlChamplain Valley Dispensary of Burlington, and Vermont Patients Alliance of Montpelier have both opened over the past few days, with a third access point planned to open soon in the town of Brandon.

Under the state’s law each dispensary must cultivate their own cannabis in a secure facility. Those wishing to obtain their medicine from these collectives must first become licensed through the state as a qualified patient, which they can do by obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician.

Although there’s still a long way to go before every patient in Vermont has easy and safe access to their medicine (3 access points just isn’t enough), the opening of these dispensaries is a huge step forward nonetheless, and will allow hundreds if not thousands of patients to have easier access to their natural, nonlethal medicine of choice.


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