St. Louis Decriminalization Measure Takes Effect June 1st

A measure intending to bring about the decriminalization of marijuana in St. Louis has been officially signed by the city’s mayor, and will become law on June03.18.13news-flickr-marijuana-edit 1st, 2013. The measure was approved last month by the St. Louis Board of Alderman with a 22-3 vote.

Once it becomes law on June 1st, the ordinance will give police officers the option to ticket individuals possessing small amounts of marijuana rather than arresting them and hitting them with a misdemeanor.

The ticket would be between $100-$500. Currently St. Louis police use state law when persecuting marijuana possession cases, because no city ordinance is on the book. Under state law, an individual can get up to a year in prison for  possessing up to 35 grams.

“I think this is a good step for the city of St. Louis,” stated Alderman Shane Cohn, one of the prime backers of the proposal, “It doesn’t legalize marijuana, but it gives fairness.” Cohn believes that the police department will respect the ordinance and its intent.



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