Spotlight: Illuminati Glass

Spotlight: Illuminati Glass

When it comes to unique and high-quality glass pieces, Illuminati Glass does it right.

Illuminati Glass stands out in the world of unconventional, stylish and inventive glass water pipes and dab rigs. Illuminati pipes are as eye-catching as they are functional, blurring the line between “water pipe” and “modern art”. Headquartered just east of New York City, Illuminati Glass takes the name of their distinct brand of imaginative pipes from one of the most misunderstood and debated groups in American culture: the mysterious Illuminati.

Illuminati Glass pieces can be purchased at Created in 2016, is located in the greater Seattle area. “We are dedicated to providing you with an ever-growing array of tobacco, legal dry herb, and legal wax and oil concentrate smoking pipes and accessories”, states their website. “We specialize in expertly manufactured products, from hand pipes to dab rigs, nectar collectors to multi-chamber bongs.”

In addition, they also carry “a full line of accessories such as: bowl pieces, downstems, banger nails, carb caps, honey buckets, gender changers, rolling trays, grinders and scales. Whether you are seeking efficiency, effectiveness, portability, or aesthetic appeal, we have an ideal solution for you. offers free shipping on all orders over $20 (U.S. only(, and a convenient return policy.

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