South Dakota Tribe to Begin Selling Cannabis to Everyone 21+ by January 1st

South Dakota Tribe to Begin Selling Cannabis to Everyone 21+ by January 1st

marijuana-legalizationThe Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, which voted last week to legalize cannabis, has announced that it will have a recreational cannabis retail outlet open and operating by January 1st of next year.

This outlet, which will be supplied by a separate cultivation center, will be open to everyone 21, not just members of the tribe.

“It looks like it’s getting a lot of momentum,” says tribal president Anthony Reider. “The more we dug into it we realized that for us to be able to get ahead of it and get into it early would be a good thing.”

Reid says the revenue gained from cannabis sales – with expected profits of up to $2 million – to go towards developing housing, build an addiction treatment center and improving the local clinic, among other community-oriented projects.

The new law also authorizes a cannabis club, where cannabis can be consumed on-site.

The opening of the tribe’s cannabis retail outlet is made possible due to a December memorandum by the U.S. Justice Department requesting that U.S. attorneys allow Native Americans to grow and sell cannabis on their own sovereign lands.



  • Scott Rellim
    June 18, 2015

    Dang… it’s a 15 hour drive for me. Gonna have to hop a plane and see the beautiful country of Moody County.

  • scott
    June 20, 2015

    right u are I plan to visit in the future even though I have lived in Colorado all my 61 years just to see what they are doing up in So. Dakota

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