South Carolina Bill Would Decriminalize Marijuana and Hash Possession

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South Carolina Bill Would Decriminalize Marijuana and Hash Possession

Legislation to decriminalize the possession of marijuana and hash has been prefiled in South Carolina’s Legislature.

South Carolina House Bill 3276 was prefiled by State Representative Ivory Thigpen last week for the upcoming legislative session which starts in January. The measure has been referred to the House Committee on Judiciary. If approved by the committee it would move towards a vote by the full House of Representatives, where passage would sent it to the Senate; passage in the Senate would put it before Governor Henry McMaster for final consideration.

House Bill 3276 would decriminalize, and thus remove the possibility of jail time or a criminal record, for the possession of up to 28 grams (one ounce) of marijuana, and up to 10 grams of hash.  As most, law enforcement would be able to issue a civil infraction similar to a speeding ticket.

In addition, the measure would reduce the penalty for someone’s first offense if caught possessing up to a gram of methamphetamine or cocaine, and would “require completion of a drug treatment of rehabilitation program as part of the sentence”. It would “require the court to place persons on probation who are guilty of a first offense possession of certain controlled substances.

For the full text of House Bill 3276, click here.

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