Sonoma County (CA) District Attorney To Vacate Thousands Of Past Marijuana Convictions

Sonoma County, California District Attorney Jill Ravitch is directing staff to review and vacate thousands of past convictions for marijuana.

According to an estimate from county officials, 3,000 cases are eligible for either a sentencing reduction or expungement under Ravitch’s new orders. The announcement comes after similar moves were made in Alameda County, San Diego County, and San Francisco.

“Provisions in the state’s 2016 voter-approved marijuana law allow those with past marijuana convictions to petition the court for expungement”, says NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Legislation is pending in the California Assembly, AB 1793, to make this process automatic for anyone with an eligible past cannabis conviction.”

Last month, Seattle city officials publicly announced plans to similarly review and vacate past cannabis convictions. Days later, newly elected Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner announced that his office would cease prosecuting marijuana possession offense violations.

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