Some of the Best Marijuana Strains to Prevent Hair Loss

Some of the Best Marijuana Strains to Prevent Hair Loss

The statistic brain shows that an approximate of 56 million individuals in the US are experiencing hair loss. Therefore, hair growth products are now becoming part of the fast-growing industry with many people believing that marijuana can prevent hair loss. A study shows that applying hemp oil to your hair, as a cosmetic help incorporate cannabis compounds.

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, whereas recreational weed is legal in about 20% of the country. For this reason, explorations regarding marijuana are becoming easier, including the possibility of preventing hair loss. Besides, marijuana can provide other medicinal benefits. Therefore, the future of legal marijuana is bright and it can offer many benefits to people around the world.

Hair loss and its types

Typically, hair loss comes in various ways among different individuals. At times, it appears suddenly and at times, may begin gradually to a permanent state.

With age, gradual thinning, mainly at the top head hair, is a common thing in both women and men. In men, hairline retreats starting from the forehead then to the temples and the crown. Therefore, such hair-loss looks like M (the letter M).

Some common kinds of baldness include:

  1. Sudden hair loss – it is a type of hair loss that comes about because of emotional or physical shock. Your hair begins coming out when combing or washing. Therefore, it leads to overall thinning of your hair, instead of bald patches.
  2. Patchy or circular baldness – a type of hair loss that is coin-sized. It begins appearing on your beard, eyebrow, head, or scalp.
  3. Scaling patches that spread all over your scalp – ringworms cause this type of baldness. It leads to impacts such as swelling, redness, and broken hair.

How does marijuana work to prevent hair loss?

Marijuana can work through the following ways to combat hair loss:

  • Cannabis can nourish your scalp because of its gamma-linolenic acid. The acid will also fight itching to prevent eczema. A study shows that CBD can prevent inflammation and treat pain.
  • Marijuana may lower the levels of testosterone and heighten the levels of estrogen. A study shows that CBD can increase the levels of estrogen. Therefore, estrogen causes hair growth. A study shows the stimulatory effect of estrogen on human hair growth.
  • A study shows that THC, an active marijuana constituent prevents DHT (dihydrotestosterone) from binding to your hormone receptors. What does this mean? Hair follicles shrink and weaken when DHT binds to receptors in your hair follicles. As well, it can kill hair follicles, causing hair loss. Therefore, marijuana will prevent hair loss by preventing such binding.
  • Marijuana use can help fight stress, which would otherwise cause hair loss. Research reveals that stress can lead to hair loss as it hampers hair growth. A study shows that marijuana can provide therapeutic benefits for people suffering from post-traumatic disorder (a type of stress).

Best marijuana strains to prevent hair loss

Many marijuana strains can help prevent hair loss. Luckily, this post discusses some of these strains.

Knowing a precise strain that will help with your problem helps you buy the right strain. As well, if you want to grow your cannabis, then you need to have the right strain. The good news is that there are online dispensaries that sell various strains along with marijuana seeds such as Purple Kush fem seeds.

With that, here are the best strains for hair loss:

  1. Critical mass

It is indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain. It is a combination of Skunk and Afghani. Its THC level can reach 19-22%, while its CBD levels range about 5-22%. It is effective in preventing hair loss.

  1. Cannatonic

It is amongst the most popular marijuana strain that has 12+% CBD content. For that reason, this strain can relieve pain in addition to preventing hair loss.

It is a crossbreed of MK Ultra and G-14 Haze. It has a low amount of THC. You can experience a balanced state with reduced ‘high’ feeling when you use this strain.

  1. Valentine X

It is known to combat hair loss. Besides, it treats epilepsy since it contains high amounts of CBD. It is a breed from ACDC strain and contains 50% of both indica and sativa genetics. It has a freshly tilled soil aroma.

Some of its variants contain CBD to a maximum of 18% and of course, a small quantity of THC (about 1%). It is amongst the most potent pain relievers and helps to reduce inflammation.

  1. Corazon

It is a marijuana strain that contains 70% of sativa strain. It is a new strain (a combination of ACDC and Charlotte’s Web), and it is rich in CBD. The hybrid has the highest amount of CBD in history with about 22.5% with 2.71% THC. It is a strain that is promising to bring a stop to hair loss.

  1. Ringo’s Gift

It is a sativa dominant strain with high CBD amounts. It is a breed of hybrid strains ACDC and Harle-TSU. It contains 20% CBD and 1% THC. Therefore, it is a useful treatment for hair loss.

The strain does not cause high because of the low amount of THC. Besides hair loss, it provides cerebral comfort, soothing effects for various types of pain, and body relaxation.

Besides helping prevent hair loss, marijuana can help fight anxiety. CBD oil can reduce anxiety and pain. Research shows that CBD has significant potential in suppressing panic and anxiety. Therefore, marijuana is useful in alleviating anxiety. For this reason, a person will be able to lead a normal life and be as productive as before.


Marijuana strains are quite potent when it comes to delivering desirable effects such as preventing hair loss. What you have to do is select the right strain for you. Be sure to consider all the factors that each strain has before making that decision. Besides, you can visit the nearest dispensary for more advice on the best strain for your hair.

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