Sin Mint Marijuana Strain Overview

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Sin Mint Marijuana Strain Overview

Sin Mint, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power, delivers a powerful head-high similar to an indica, but without drowsiness.

Sin Mint is a sativa-dominant strain that tends to feel more like an indica; the head high is strong, and the buzzing body high of sativas is noticeably light. However, this strain won’t put you to sleep as heavy indicas are known to do for many people. This makes it perfect for those wanting to relax and hang out, without dozing off.

The taste and smell is that of burnt cookies, with undertones of mint and pine. The smoke is smooth on the throat and lungs, making it a pleasant experience whether rolled in a joint or blunt, or loaded in a pipe or bong.


Smell and taste:

  • Burnt cookies
  • Subtle mint
  • Pine


Delta Extrax


Sin Mint currently has 35 reviews on Leafly with an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

Highlighted quote (from one of the Leafly reviews):


“Super smooth smoke from start to finish and the smell is outta this world. …a strain for creativity.”


Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, Leafly has a strain finder that can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying the Sin Mint marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

Click here for this strain finder.


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