Signature Collection Begins Tomorrow on Oregon Initiative to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

New Approach Oregon will begin collecting signatures tomorrow on an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis. The groupnao will have until July 3rd to collect 87,213 signatures to put the proposal to a vote this November.

Under the proposed law, the possession of up to 8 ounces of cannabis and the cultivation of up to 4 cannabis plants would be legalized for everyone 21 and older. Cannabis retail outlets would also be authorized to distribute the substance.

On Tuesday New Approach Oregon announced having received $100,000 from the heir of a New York Fragrance company; the late Peter Lewis, former Chairman of Progressive Insurance, has also donated thousands to the campaign.

Proponents of separate initiatives – the Cannabis Tax Acts – are currently collecting signatures for their measures.

In February, Oregon’s Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve a measure to legalize cannabis which would go to a vote this November. The proposal has failed to advance further.



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    United We Stand… come on USA!

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