Shopping for Cannabis Online in Canada? A Beginner’s Guide

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Shopping for Cannabis Online in Canada? A Beginner’s Guide

Buying weed online has become massive since cannabis was legalized in Canada. The Cannabis Act of 2018 has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for Canadian cannabis connoisseurs.

Among the reasons why weed smokers are flocking to online weed mail order sites are convenience, selection and price. Below we’ll discuss some of the main reasons why people are buying online, followed by a beginner’s guide to buying from an Online dispensary in Canada.


One reason for the incredible growth of mail-order cannabis services is their convenience. It now seems like a long time ago that waiting around in the back streets for a clandestine dealer to deliver you some damp substandard weed was a thing.

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These days, you do not even have to get off your sofa to go down to your local cannabis head shop. Instead, with just a couple of click, you can visit order from an online cannabis retailer and have your weed sent to directly to your door in just a day or two.


Buying cannabis from a physical store restricts you to choosing from the limited stock that the owner currently has in.

Smoking the same bud all the time can be a bit boring when your local is not in the habit of rotating the strains they carry, and you may soon find yourself looking for the buzz of getting your hands on something fresh.

This is where online weed mail order services come in. No longer are you limited to the quality and quantity of the cannabis found in your local cannabis shop. Instead, you can now choose from any number of exotic strains grown by top-quality growers from across the country.


While prices will obviously vary from online store to online store, most are still cheaper than physical cannabis stores. In addition, buying online allows you to shop around for the best promos and deals. You can also exploit the numerous friend referral schemes and sales that many online retailers run to get more for your money.

Beginner’s Guide to Ordering Weed Online

Whereas you no longer have to deal with the same issue when buying cannabis as you did during the pre-legalization age, buying weed online also requires a bit of know-how.

As anybody who has ever bought weed online will know, not all online cannabis dispensaries are equal. Prices, quality, customer service and product selection can vary wildly, and doing your own research before placing your order is necessary.

Read the Reviews

When ordering weed online, the sheer number of sites that will come up when you search the internet can leave a first-time buyer feeling overwhelmed. You’ll likely have more than a few questions and that’s normal. Luckily, you’ll find your answers after a few quick searches.

Namely, is this site legit? Is the quality of bud as good as advertised? Reading reviews from the best online dispensary review websites like this are a great starting point. It’s important that you can trust the dispensary you’re interested in to get the weed to you without any headaches.

The key to avoiding some of the more roguish sites comes down to one simple thing: research. Choosing the right shop is often a case of trawling through review sites or forums such as Reddit. It will not take you long before you come across the information you need to set your mind to rest.

If there are legions of satisfied customers on message boards, you can usually count on quality service and products. If the opposite is true, it is usually a good indication that you should steer clear, no matter how attractive the promotion a site is offering.

Choosing Your Bud

If you have bought weed from a physical shop or smoked your friend’s stuff, you will probably have a good idea of what you like and be more than up-to-speed on how weed is graded. If you are a newbie where buying weed is concerned, however, you might need a few pointers.

Cannabis is graded by strength from A (the weakest) to AAAA (the strongest). Weed also comes in either indica, sativa or hybrid strains. The indica species is generally considered to give a more relaxing high than sativa, which is known for stimulating the senses and energizing the body. Choosing the right flower for you will depend on what you are looking for from your high.

Compare, Compare, Compare

Once you have found a few reputable sites, your next step is to compare prices. As mentioned before, prices can vary widely depending on quality and quantity. If you spend a bit of time shopping around, you can usually find the best price by exploiting promos or the deals which are typical on cannabis sites.


You may feel intimidated the first time you buy cannabis online. Knowing which retailers to trust and which to steer clear of requires a mixture of research and common sense. By reading this guide, you have prepared yourself well to take the first step into the world of buying cannabis online.

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