Senate Committee Votes Unanimously to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Nevada

Today Nevada’s Senate Finance Committee approved Senate Bill 374 – which would legalize medical cannabis dispensaries – with a unanimous voteJake Dimmock . The measure has already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee (which was also unanimous), and now heads towards a full Senate vote, where its passage would send it to the Assembly for consideration.

In Nevada, the possession and usage of medical marijuana is a constitutional right, approved by voters in 2000. However, the law doesn’t allow for any safe access points for patients to obtain their medicine.

Senate Bill 374 would finally provide patients with a legal method of purchasing their medicine by explicitly legalizing dispensaries throughout the state. Licensing and regulations would be handled by the state’s Health Division. Dispensary operators would have the option of being for, or non-profit.

Lawmakers in Nevada have until June 3rd to get this measure approved, which is when the legislative session ends.

Patients and advocates in Nevada should be contacting their elected officials, urging them to support Senate Bill 374, to allow patients safe access to their constitutionally approved medicine.


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