Seattle Police Handing Out Warning Letters Rather Than Arresting Marijuana Dealers

Seattle Police are making an applaud-worthy effort to enforce the “intent” voters had in approving Initiative 502, rather than its exact legal language.Seattle-Police-Department

As reported recently by King 5 News, Seattle’s Police Department has already begun to implement a new police where they give cannabis dealers an admonishment letter, asking for them to cease selling in the area, rather than arresting them. Cannabis distribution in Washington State, even after the passage of Initiative 502, remains a felony charge.

If the dealer is caught again, he’ll be prosecuted, but this is a drastic policy shift that will deter numerous costly arrests.

“The admonishment letter is reasonable because we are not restricting their freedom to go anywhere,” stated Narcotics Lieutenant Mike Kebba in their official announcement of the new policy, “SPD will just be requiring them to comply with the law while in public places and refrain from drug dealing.”


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