Seattle City Council Unanimously Loosens Restriction on Cannabis Businesses

seattleIn a unanimous Monday vote, Seattle’s City Council gave approval to a proposal that drastically shrinks the buffer zones that separate legal cannabis businesses from locations such as public parks and schools.

Under current state law, the buffer zone between cannabis businesses and public locations such as parks is set at 1,000 feet; however, the state’s legislature last year passed a bill allowing cities to lower this to 100 feet. Seattle’s Council voted to lower the number to 250 feet in downtown Seattle, and 500 feet elsewhere.

As part of the change, no more than two cannabis businesses are allowed to operate within 1,000 feet of each other.

“We’re a block away from the dump. We’re here because of this crazy zoning,” James Lathrop, owner of Cannabis City told the council before their vote.

The change is expected to be quickly approved by Mayor Ed Murray, though the council has a veto-proof majority even if he doesn’t.


5 thoughts on “Seattle City Council Unanimously Loosens Restriction on Cannabis Businesses”

  1. The first GOP President ends the experiment that was clear tonight in the debate over war and ramping up the Police State Enjoy while you can is my advice.

  2. Yea more places to get low quality cannabis at high prices. Meanwhile home growing is illegal and Mmj has been destroyed. Nothing has been loosened up for anyone except big cannabusiness

    • I don’t know. Try living in Oklahoma or Louisiana where I spent the holidays with relatives. Couldn’t get away fast enough. Count what you have as a blessing because those poor people are cursed.


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