Seattle Council Committee Approves Regulations for Recreational Marijuana

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Seattle Council Committee Approves Regulations for Recreational Marijuana

A Seattle City Council committee has approved a proposal which would make Seattle the first city in the U.S. to establishleaflogo_wide-0d7786783d85e361d6c2631c06bda45a9f72a7d9 zoning regulations which would explicitly allow for recreational marijuana retail outlets and cultivation centers.

Under the proposal, marijuana retail outlets, as well as large-scale cultivation centers, would be authorized, though limited in their size and location.

Licensed cultivators would be limited to 45 plants per household. Larger grow-operations would be limited to a location no larger than 50,000 square feet, and, as with retail outlets, would be limited to certain parts of the city.

For example, retail outlets wouldn’t be allowed near schools and residential neighborhoods. Large cultivation centers would be limited mostly to industrial zones.

Although the regulations – which are expected to be approved by the full city council – are seen by many cannabis reform advocates as too restrictive, it’s still a historic occurrence that a city as large as Seattle is showing a willingness to embrace recreational marijuana.

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Those interested can find the proposal in its entirety by clicking here.


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