Seattle City Attorney Working to Increase Cannabis Tourism

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Seattle City Attorney Working to Increase Cannabis Tourism

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes is working on ways to to accommodate cannabis tourists who might face barriers in the partaking of legal cannabis.Aerial view of Seattle city skyline

While speaking in front of a Seattle City Council committee last week, Holmes noted that rules banning consumption in public could make it harder for those from out of town to participate in the newly-legal recreational cannabis market, especially considering that most people would stay in hotels, where smoking is banned.

“We need to recognize that tourists coming to this state to sample wines, to sample Washington marijuana, to sample any of the attributes of this destination city, that we accommodate them somehow,” he said, noting that his office is working on solutions to the issue. The council committee – and soon after the full council – approved a proposal brought forth by Holmes which establishes a $27 ticket for pubic cannabis consumption, which is considerably lower than the statewide fine of $103.

“We’re no longer asking them [police] to enforce an unenforceable and poor government policy of prohibition. And now we want them to join us in this new regulatory system,” he said.

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Holmes says that he plans to introduce further proposal to help cannabis tourism in the coming weeks and months.


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  • Recreational Marijuana
    December 19, 2013

    Recreational Marijuana does not mean irresponsible marijuana use. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes’ proposal was a sound one that offered balance and insight into a legitimate city concern. Many responsible recreational marijuana users and out of state visitors who want to enjoy Seattle with some local herb would gladly pay for a $27 ticket or pass to be able to publicly consume cannabis without fear of violating local laws.

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