Seattle Approves $27 Fine for Public Cannabis Consumption

With the passage of Initiative 502 last year in Washington State, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis is legal for those 21 and older, while consumingMarijuana is seen in the hand of a person after the law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana went into effect in Seattle, Washington in public remains illegal. However, those doing so in Seattle will only have to pay a $27 fine if caught, under a proposal approved yesterday by the Seattle City Council; this fine is significantly less than the state-wide fine of $103.

The proposal calls on police to issue a warning for someone’s first offense of smoking in public, with all subsequent offenses being a max of $27. Seattle’s Police Department will be mandated with monitoring enforcement by age, race and sex, as well as location, so that the council can evaluate whether the law is being fairly enforced.

The measure now heads to Mayor Mike McGinn for final consideration. If it’s signed into law, as expected, it will take effect 30 days after receiving a signature.


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  1. With out any worninng or even chat about it. Seattle has upheld it word it well not write tickets cause chief said not big deal at 27 fine. So in comes the KING COUNTY SHERIFF


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