Scientists Believe They Have Discovered a New Species of Cannabis

[Update: This story has unfortunately been proven as false.]

By Zara Zhi, Culture Magazine

Blue Mountains, Australia.

Scientists at the University of Sydney believe they have found a fourth species of cannabis. The finding took place in 2010, when a group of people were hiking in the Blue Mountains of Australia and discovered a single plant that resembled cannabis. The shrub was later donated to a research laboratory at the University of Sydney where a series of tests were conducted on the plant – proving that it was indeed cannabis. “When we first received the plant we were very skeptical about its relation to cannabis. It has somewhat similar growth structure, but the leaves look nothing like cannabis leaves,” according to researcher Christopher Pool.

The test results show that the species is resistant to freezing temperatures and the plant grows more like a shrub, without the archetypal candelabra shape of most cannabis strains. Countless cannabis breeders the world over have offered to pay upwards of $2,000 per seed, but Pool stated “The only problem is that we don’t have any seeds, we only have one plant,” adding,  “We’ve exhausted our funding trying to find another like it.”

It’s easy to see the appeal of a cannabis plant that is resilient in cold temperatures– making open-air cultivation accessible to people in all climates.

Teams have spent years hunting for more of these specimens, but have all come back empty handed. The researchers are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information on how to procure another one of these peculiar plants.

For the sake of humanity, let’s hope scientists uncover more of this elusive and rare specimen.

56 thoughts on “Scientists Believe They Have Discovered a New Species of Cannabis”

  1. it seems to me?? that if anyone finds a plant that is flowering or they find males and females?? that they wont need the 10000 dollar reward…….

  2. Doubt it’s true but if it is a weed plant it’s DNA should be resembling the others so you could easily breed hybrids for sale since people would be interested.. This doesn’t solve the idea but it’s a way to earn back the money lost in research to continue experiment it… never heard of cloning tbh as I’m still a student but I guess a species can not have no reproduction system therefore keeping it in habitable conditions will result in quick reproduction.. study that and problem solved of course easier said then done

    • No, no it could not. This is science we’re talking about, they wouldn’t put the plant through a plethora of tests and somehow miss that it’s an existing strain.

  3. If this is real then someone somewhere does have a photo. If it’s true show us. Why not just clone it?? That will solve the problem of not finding any more…

  4. This is got to be bullshit…just saying that because i know they could clone it….if they’re saying they can’t…b.s…

  5. How did this plant survive on it’s own? Why not clone it and take the clone back to the place of origin and observe it to see! Not much info in this story and no pictures of it. These fools probably stumbled upon a lone ducksfoot.

  6. This room is full of rapist and imbreeding if you take the canabis out of the pic or just read them all while your high you will all think you should be arrested..

      • you can clone a plant that’s over ten years old. People have mothers that are older than that. Its easier to keep taking a clone before flower instead of keeping a big mother unless your wanting lots of clones.

  7. If this is true, I would imagine the plant is a hermie. Most plants are hermies after all. Sounds like a good scam to get some free money, or a tall tale.

  8. if it is viable to take clones and they TAKE to rooting..then they must find results on the effects of ethylene and colloidal silver on various clones..and then “induce asexual breeding between the to genders..whether or not the plant is male or female determines masculized or feminized seeds

  9. Clone it , reverse sex the clones , and self cross with it’s clones , still keeping the mother /father plant pure … sometimes I doubt science is involved with these types of claims ,or the science involved is not very good science overlook the most obvious …. fire that team of pseudo scientists ..they must be working for the opposition

  10. How was it determined, it was in the Cannabis family? what Cannabinods were found? THC or no THC? there really isn’t enough info, but everyone is always looking for high CBD strains, not to mention new compounds and their medical benefits?

  11. Was this single plant preserved? Tissue Culture! I know someone who can create a tissue culture and get an exact clone if the plant matter was preserved at all. IE. if any of the DNA is still in tact. This is a loooong shot, but if anyone knows the researchers, please have them contact me.

  12. Clone the plant, and cross breed it and make seeds… It wont be the exact plant however it will be a hybrid and could result in great phenotype for future breeding and I would be willing to bet that is why breeders are willing to pay upwards of $2,000 per seed… Make clones and sell the clones to breeders and let them do the research on making this strain possible for others.

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