Sanders and Clinton in Statistical Tie in New National Poll, Sanders Best Chance Against Republicans

Photo: USA Today.
Photo: USA Today.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a statistical tie nationwide according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. The poll is huge news for Sanders and his supporters, as the same poll had him trailing 30% to Clinton’s 61% the last time it was conducted in December. The poll was released just days after Clinton and Sanders finished in a near tie in the Iowa caucus, with Clinton winning narrowly (49.9% to 49.6%).

According to the poll, 44% of Democratic primary voters support Clinton, with 42% in support of Sanders. With the margin of error at +/- 4.5%, meaning it could swing either way, the two are in a statistical tie. 14% of voters are currently undecided, indicating that the nomination is entirely up in the air at the moment.

The poll found that Sanders fairs much better against Clinton in a hypothetical general election match-up against the leading Republican candidates. Sanders would beat Donald Trump 49% to 39%, while Clinton would beat him just 46% to 41%. Sanders would beat Ted Cruz – who recently won Republican caucus in Iowa – 46% to 42%, whereas Clinton would tie him, 45% to 45%.

When matched up against Marco Rubio, Sanders would tie 43% to 43%, whereas Clinton would lose 41% to 48%.

The full poll results can be found by clicking here.

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