San Jose Dispensary Holds Blood Drive

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San Jose Dispensary Holds Blood Drive

Medmar Healing Center, a medical cannabis dispensary in San Jose California, held a blood drive today, with one of the goals being to prove that dispensaries can be good neighbors, reports NBC.medmar

For the drive, two bloodmobiles were used, and free tacos and movie tickets were given out to those who donated.

“It’s to save lives more than anything–all the people that need blood, the cancer patients,” said Brittnee Raitano, who donated blood during the event. “My grandma had cancer, my aunt had cancer, so it’s for the cause more than  the privilege of me getting free tacos and free movie tickets.”

We applaud the group for holding the event, and we strongly encourage other dispensaries to follow in their footsteps. Not only because it’s a good, helpful thing to do, but because it helps to break stereotypes that are inherently embedded in some people when they think of medical cannabis outlets.

Showing community involvement (and giving away free tacos) probably isn’t a bad way of earning some loyal customers either.

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