Rolling Trays for Every Occasion

Rolling Trays for Every Occasion

Anybody who has rolled a joint knows how important rolling trays are. They provide a stable, non-slip surface to keep your weed secure while you’re preparing to put it into a joint.


But everybody is different and that’s reflected in the many different preferences that people have for rolling trays. This article will highlight some of the biggest types of rolling trays out there to help you figure out which could be right for your smoke shop.


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Delta Extrax


Bamboo Trays


Bamboo trays offer an all-natural wood look that fits anywhere. They’re also super sturdy and built to last. The bottom line is that this is a classic rolling tray material that should offer some level of appeal to everyone, which makes it a good standard option for your store.





Biotrays are made out of 100% biodegradable plastic. They’re great to carry in your store if you’d like to sell products that appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.


Research shows that 78% of people are more likely to purchase a product when it’s been labeled as environmentally friendly. So if you’re looking for a way to increase sales of your rolling trays, carrying biotrays could be a solution.


Aluminum Rolling Trays


Aluminum rolling trays are sleek, metallic trays that are super sturdy and ready to last your customers for years. They also come with built-in divots for different kinds of weed and a spot to keep the paper while working on the joint.


These rolling trays should appeal to anyone who enjoys a minimalistic style or wants a tray that they can bring with them wherever they go without having to worry about it breaking.


Tin Rolling Trays


Tin rolling trays are a great option if you want to really emphasize an image that you think your customers will love. They’re also super affordable, which makes them a great option if you’re looking for something to buy in large quantities.


Bring Your Rolling Trays to Life with Customization


The material that your rolling trays are made from is just one way that you can customize them. You can also customize aspects like:


  • Color
  • Featured image
  • Text
  • Font
  • And more


This gives you a ton of flexibility to really stock your store’s shelves with a rolling tray for every preference. Here are a few more benefits of stocking customized rolling trays instead of standard ones.


Make Money While Promoting Your Brand


Customizable rolling trays give you the ability to promote your brand with every product that you sell. You can do that by including things like your logo, color scheme, slogan, and address on the rolling trays.


Each time that a customer rolls a joint, they’ll associate that experience with your smoke shop. This could help you establish more of a presence in your customers’ lives and win more loyalty from them. It could end up helping you bring more revenue into your smoke shop at the end of the day.


Stand Out From the Competition


Customized rolling trays are also great because they help you stand out from other smoke shops in your area.


None of your competitors will have the same unique rolling trays and smoking accessories that you offer if you customize them. This gives shoppers a reason to choose your store over any other in the area, which could help you earn more profits by increasing customer loyalty.


Keep Your Customers Happy


Customized rolling trays are better overall products, which should help you keep your customers happy as well. It’s another reason why it just makes sense to go with customized rolling trays in your smoke shop instead of standard ones.




Do you think that customized rolling trays are right for your smoke shop? If so, MunchMakers can help.


We make it super easy to build your dream rolling trays from the ground up.


After that, you’ll have the option to customize every aspect of the rolling tray from your web browser. Then you simply tell us how many you want to order and we’ll take care of everything else.


So why wait? Get started today to make your smoke shop stand out.


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