Right CBD packaging For the Right Promotions

Right CBD packaging For the Right Promotions

Creating effective CBD packaging is essential in your customer satisfaction strategy. A beautiful, well-packaged box helps build customer loyalty to brands, which also compete in imagination to offer the most beautiful CBD packaging and guarantee a positive image. How did we go from simple brown cardboard to these personalized CBD packaging whatever the sector? Why do brands invest so much in their CBD packaging? How to make your CBD packaging successful?


The Brand Image Also Depends On the Quality of Your CBD packaging

The CBD packaging of your custom CBD boxes is not trivial: it is just like your product, the very image of your brand, particularly in e-commerce because the package becomes the only physical support of your brand with the customers. They are therefore decisive in the relationship that you are going to forge with them. It is thanks to your CBD packaging that you will give a first good impression!


Reminder: The Essential Functions of CBD packaging

The first role of CBD packaging is to protect your merchandise so that it arrives safely in a good condition, in the event of delivery. You must therefore design a simple CBD packaging to facilitate its transport: avoid origami or any complicated decoration that would be damaged upon receipt.

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The main functions of CBD packaging:

  • Optimal protection of your goods during transport;
  • Facilitate the storage of your merchandise.
  • Improve brand image


A lot of businesses fail to understand how strong a tool can packaging turn out to be. Your CBD packaging is not just a simple box: it offers you a unique playground to promote your brand image.


Here are some tips for personalizing your CBD packaging:

  • Customization of the adhesive;
  • Personalization of the label: with your logo;
  • Personalization of the cardboard: your logo, your story, instructions for use
  • Customization of packing, tissue paper


Using additional enhancements like a thank you letter to your customers along with the package is also a great way to win their hearts and probably get more business out of them. The stylish fonts used on the boxes for the name of the customers is also a nice touch to have. Do not also miss out on sending over promotional offers on the big packages that may help you score more customers who return to buy more from you.


But beware; the visual is not the only criterion to take into account: you must also think about the appearance of your package and the choice of materials and textures. The choice of recycled cardboard and environmentally friendly packing will mark your ecological commitment: if your company claims a respectful image of the planet, this is of course the right choice to make.


A Craft-look cardboard will give your brand a luxurious image.

You can also choose cardboard in your company’s colors: this has a cost, but the impact is immediately very strong. The customer will appreciate this extra attention. It is of great help if you can choose bright colors for your packaging or even a hint of it. Such colors are likely to get your brand more eyeballs and come with a good chance that the people will remember you. For an impactful brand image, you can also play on the shape of your package: an original shape is the guarantee of a unique brand image.


Improve customer experience

Your CBD packaging is a very strong medium that can convey valuable information and stand out thanks to practical aspects. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve the customer experience by following these tips:


  • Promote the product “made in” by your company. If you have opted for recycled cardboard for the sake of ecology, this is the opportunity to promote it.
  • Make it easier to open your packages with a tear strip or an adhesive sticker.
  • Nothing worse than a package wrapped in tape that you have to tear to open.
  • Think about customer returns by opting for a package that can be reused by the consumers if they have to return the product.


A Bonus Tip: a double adhesive strip for a package ready to be returned. The inside of your package is just as important as the outside appearance. Beauty is exterior as well as the interior! To design effective CBD packaging, you must also not neglect the interior of your package: the messages conveyed will be immediately seen by the customer when opened.


The CBD packaging indeed has a lot more considerations to keep in mind than what brands think. Other than the obvious materials, colors, and durability of the packages, factors like meeting the government norms and branding effectively are equally important. We are hopeful that this little information piece of ours helped you learn more about it.

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