Rhode Island Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed

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Rhode Island Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed

Rhode Island lawmakers have filed a proposal that would legalize cannabis for those 21 and older.

The Cannabis Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act is sponsored by State Senator Joshua Miller (D) and State Representative Scott Slater (D).

“We’ve now had several years to see how successful legalization can be in states like Colorado and Washington”, says Representative Slater. “It’s now time for Rhode Island to do the same and make the sensible decision to legalize marijuana while making sure its regulated and taxed.

The proposed law would allow those 21 and older to possess and use marijuana for personal use; they would also be allowed to grow it at a private residence. A system of licensed and regulated cannabis retail outlets would be established, supplied by licensed cultivation centers.

According to polling released by Public Policy Polling, 57% of voters in Rhode Island support legalizing cannabis.

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