Review For Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD eJuice

By Jenny J.

For anyone who claims there are no more vape flavors to be explored, I say you simply haven’t gone far enough through what’s available.

Our review for Hot Juice eliquid and CBD ejuice found some unique twists on existing menthol flavored e-juice varieties as well as some truly authentic cereal flavored vape juice blends that took us by complete surprise.

The very first question I want to cover that seems to be on everyone’s mind is will cbd e-liquid make you fail a drug test and the answer is, it depends if it contains THC or not. Luckily, Hot  Juice CBD Vape Juice doesn’t contain any THC whatsoever so you are definitely in the clear. I just wanted to get that out of the way because all my friends and family ask me that question. Lets begin with the review!

A Comprehensive Review For Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD

If you think you’ve tried all of the best eliquid brands and nothing has impressed you thus far, I suggest you give these Hot Juice products a chance. They may have created the best tasting ejuice we’ve had an opportunity to give a considerable vape in years. It’s certainly not for everyone, but they have mixed up some of the best coffee flavored vape juice tastes I have personally ever vaped, and believe me, I love my cup of java.

They present plenty to appreciate about the craft of creating the best affordably cheap eliquid on the market that still provides an incredibly tasty and fulfilling vape. In addition, Hot Juice was formed by vape industry pioneers and has been making some of the best cbd eliquid and flavored e-juice available for long enough to gain the trust of vapers who value flavor and cloud production over fancy labeling and presentation. Keep in mind, every bottle is made specifically to order, unlike any other vape brands offering premium products, which means not only do Hot Juice e-liquid products keep fresh longer, but their shelf life doesn’t factor in how long it sits around waiting for someone to order it.

As a result, every bottle of Hot Juice from their cereal flavored e juice to the cherry vape juice blends are made to last, though given how tasty they are its likely they won’t stick around long once you break the seal. In fact, one of the uniquely impressive aspects of their CBD eliquid is that they allow the same customization of flavor, dosage and VG/PG ratios that they do for their fruity, tobacco, beverage and menthol vape juice blends. You may think this is a trivial feature, but once you’ve vaped through as many bottles as we have, you realize that being able to get exactly you want put together to your preference is rare and Hot Juice does this amazingly.

With twelve gourmet cannabidiol e juice flavors which they are constantly adding to, they offer some of the best CBD ejuice blends we’ve tasted out of the best vape juice brands. In fact, they offer some of the most robust and varied blends of tobacco flavored ejuice industry wide. For the team at Hot Juice, making the most authentic vape flavors is about offering the world taste  combinations they already love in a product that performs better in taste and vapor production than anything else on the market.

Review For Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD Conclusion

While all of their flavors present unique twists on your favorite foods and beverages, we considered just making this a cereal flavored eliquid review alone given how unbelievably tasty their Bam Bam Crunch, Tricks, Crunch Master and Cinnamon French Toast flavors are, not to mention how close they are to the real thing (with fresh poured milk and all). However, this review for Hot Juice eliquid and CBD had to include the full range of products available in their brand line simply because even if you aren’t a cereal focused vaper like me, you’re almost guaranteed to find something modeled after your favorite delicacy or a tobacco ejuice that tastes exactly like your preferred brand.

Honestly, this an endlessly valuable feature of Hot Juice eliquid, given that so many former smokers are looking for a simple flavor that helps them to transition toward vaping without making them feel like they are compromising or settling for a fruity or sweet flavor that doesn’t fit with their needs or preferences. Bear in mind, plenty of vapers are completely happy with their fruity flavored ejuice, but there are just as many potential users who aren’t ready to jump into the vaping world due to what they feel is a drastic shift in what represents their personality. Those who prefer tobacco flavors, may not even be comfortable with a blended flavor that augments the context of what vaping means for them.

As a result, here is where we see another massive benefit from our review of Hot Juice eliquid and CBD, the ability to preserve the rituals of the past as well as the tastes while introducing them to an entirely new process. It’s a shift that happens not only in the physiology of former smokers but in the mind as well. When you’re ready to change your perception of vaping and what’s possible for your smoke free future, check out Hot Juice for a full understanding of what every eliquid brand should be doing right. Before we forget, be sure to check out their weekly online vape giveaway and continuous vape contest opportunities to get free vape stuff without spending a dollar.

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