Restless Leg Syndrome and Marijuana 

Restless Leg Syndrome and Marijuana 

Restless legs syndrome is caused when a person feels uncomfortable in the legs, which urges them to constantly move their legs. However, that’s not all this syndrome has to offer because the condition gets worse at night. Restless leg syndrome causes discomfort in the legs, which makes it hard to fall asleep or just rest for a while. Moreover, the leg continues to shake even in sleep, causing its victims to wake up multiple times, causing fatigue and tiredness. 


This syndrome is thought to be a neurological condition that mainly occurs when the person is under stress and tends to last for some time. According to research and science, the main cause of restless leg syndrome is thought to be an excessive amount of dopamine release in the basal ganglia region. 


How do THC and CBD treat restless leg syndrome?


Delta Extrax

Two key marijuana constituents, THC and CBD, interact with our endocannabinoid system to produce a range of psychoactive and non-psychoactive effects. How one reacts to the interaction between THC and CBD in the brain varies and can be mild to severe from individual to individual. 



But one good thing about marijuana is that you do not have to feel high to extract the beneficial and therapeutic effects of marijuana. Yes, it’s possible because the CBD compound is known to induce medicinal benefits without getting the person high. 


This makes CBD the perfect compound to relieve RLS symptoms. CBD helps to relax the muscles, relieve pain, and induce calmness, which can help to improve sleep quality. 




As a result of all the things discussed above, it is clear that CBD can potentially help with restless leg syndrome. Many people already use CBD to relieve their chronic pain, but those who don’t know the procedure might get confused. For those wondering how to get CBD, It’s easy; all you have to do is visit your West Virginia MMJ doctor. Your doctor will diagnose your condition and, based on his observations, will give you the prescription and dosage to be used. 


You can also ask for a medical cannabis card online via West Virginia MMJ Card Doctor. 

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