Republic of Georgia Considering the Legalization of Marijuana

The Republic of Georgia has become the next nation considering a reformation of their cannabis policies. Today David Sergeyenko, potplantthe nation’s minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs,¬†stated that the nation was considering new strategies to deal with the issue of drugs. One of those strategies being considered is the legalization of marijuana.

The strategy is one that could quickly gain some national attention, and political support. Multiple lawmakers in the Republic of Georgia have, in the past, called for the legalization of “soft drugs” such as cannabis. Advocates of such a move say that it will reduce violent crimes by reducing money funneled into the blackmarket. They also argue that it’ll bring revenue to the nation, including from tourists, and will bring about what should be a fundamental freedom for an individual to consume a nonlethal plant.

Discussions are only preliminary at the moment, but expect the issue to gain some traction, and attention, in the coming weeks.


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