Report: Legalizing Cannabis in Ohio Would Create 35,000 New Jobs

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Report: Legalizing Cannabis in Ohio Would Create 35,000 New Jobs

An initiative to legalize cannabis that’s set to be placed on this November’s ballot in Ohio would create nearly 35,000 new jobsMedical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle, according to a report released today by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters.

“Legalization is coming to Ohio”, says Deters, who served as state treasurer from 1999 to 2004. “We need to accept the reality is going to happen”.

“Why in the world knowing this is coming would we let the bad guys have the money?” Deters wondered, noting that the black-market for cannabis continues to thrive . “I have come to believe the current laws hurt minorities”

Deters was joined at the event announcing the report – which was held at Ohio State University – by Cincinnati Councilor Chris Smithernan.

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The report, which was released roughly a month after Deters announced the formation of the Marijuana Policies of Ohio Task Force to study the benefits of legalization, found that legalizing cannabis, including cannabis retail outlets, would create a new $7 billion industry, which would create 35,000 new jobs. In Colorado, the legal cannabis industry has already brought forth 10,000 new jobs for the state, and millions in tax revenue.

Yesterday the group ResponsibleOhio announced that it had collected over 550,000 signatures on its effort to put an initiative to legalize cannabis on this November’s ballot, well more than the 305,000 required.


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