Reminder: 81% of Americans Support Legalized Medical Marijuana

Support for cannabis law reform is increasing drastically. Half of all Americans support recreational legalization, victories in Colorado and Washington have pushed the issue further into the mainstream, and legislation is being filed across the country to put a halt to this ridiculous prohibition on cannabis.7878545medical-marijuana-rx

As we move towards full legalization, it’s easy to forget that roughly 80% of all Americans support cannabis being legal for medicinal usage.

This is an incredible consensus on an issue that many people, and most politicians, still consider controversial. Getting 80% of Americans to agree on anything, better yet a switch from a substance being completely prohibited to allowed as a medicine, is rare, to put it lightly.

This is why it’s vital for supporters of reform to never forget about these numbers and the backing we have. We should never allow politicians to get away with ignoring this issue or playing it off as a political third wheel.

Wherever you live, especially if it’s in one of the many areas currently discussing legalizing medical cannabis (or improving upon a current medical cannab9s law), make sure to point out to your elected officials just how much support the issue has. Politicians need it to be made known to them that this is a bipartisan issue, and voters from all walks of life support the compassionate move of allowing those who could benefit from it to use cannabis as medicine.

Here are some of the latest national polls regarding medical cannabis (take special note of the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, which found 81% to be in support of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes; even Republicans supported it with a 72% majority). Make sure to use them whenever contacting your elected officials about supporting reform, which is particularly relevant as lawmakers discuss legislation to protect qualified patients from arrest or interference form the federal government.

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