Reminder: Legalized Medical Marijuana Reduces Suicides, Says Study

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Reminder: Legalized Medical Marijuana Reduces Suicides, Says Study

Research released last year revealed what might be one of the biggest benefits of a state legalizing medical cannabis; their residents commit suicide at a lower rate.jilly-bean-medical-marijuana-weed-strain-thcf-jillybeanweed

The research, which used comprehensive statistical analysis to come to its conclusion, found that states in the U.S. which have legalized medical cannabis saw a drastically significant reduction in suicides. Unsurprisingly, this was under-publicized in the media.

Overall, medical cannabis states saw a suicide reduction of roughly 5%. Those aged 20-29 saw a reduction of 11%, while those aged 30-39, saw a 9% decrease.

This research indicates that allowing the use of medical cannabis may have led to hundreds, if not thousands of preScreen Shot 2012-02-07 at 9.18.05 AMvented suicides.

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Although this is clearly just one study, it’s extremely promising, and we’re exciting about future research on the issue.

The study was conducted by the The Institute for the Study of Labor, with help from researchers such as Daniel I. Rees of the University of Colorado’s Department of Economics.

Professor Rees also took part in a study published in 2011 which found that medical cannabis states saw a large reduction in traffic deaths, due primarily to a reduction in alcohol consumption.

You can find the entirety of the study, titled High on Life? Medical Marijuana Laws and Suicide, found here.

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  • DragonTat2
    April 3, 2013

    I use medical cannabis for suicidal depression. Cannabis helps me be alert, awake, and engaged. Without it I tended to sleep upwards of 18 hours a day.

    Thank you for the article.

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