Recipes: Cannabis Butter, Oil and Milk

Recipes: Cannabis Butter, Oil and Milk

By Robert Bergman,

Most marijuana recipes require marijuana butter. It is very easy to make and it can be used in place of normal butter. Another advantage is that it can also be made of marijuana leaves. butterEspecially the small leaves close to the flowers contain a lot of resin.

In order to make the THC in marijuana active it has to be heated in some way. Normally it is done by smoking it but it can also be eaten. THC resolves in fat, not in water. So it’s important to use fat if you’re cooking with marijuana. Oil, milk and butter are perfect to resolve THC and are used in many recipes. Simply replace the normal butter or oil with the prepared one.

Eating cannabis is different from smoking. In the end the effects are the same but when you smoke marijuana the effects are noticeable gradually. When eating marijuana the effects take some time to be noticeable but it comes suddenly. So try a little bit and wait some time before taking more because it might take up to 45 minutes before you feel anything…


-Marijuana butter

100 grams of butter [Editor’s note: If you’re vegan, try solidified coconut oil, or a vegan margarine such as Earth’s Balance]
100 ml of water
100 grams of grinded leaves or 5 grams of grinded weed

Heat the water and the butter together in a sauce pan. Add the grinded leaves or weed and stir it through the mixture. Let it simmer for 30 minutes and stir occasionally. Pour the mixture through a strainer to remove the marijuana. Put the pan in the refrigerator so the butter will solidify at the top of the water. Discard the water and your marijuana butter is ready to use for your cakes, brownies and cookies.


-Marijuana cooking oil

100 ml of vegetable oil (such as canola or sunflower oil)
50 grams of grinded marijuana leaves or 5 grams of grinded marijuana flower

It’s also very easy to make THC-containing oil. Add the leaves or buds to the oil and heat it up. Make sure it doesn’t get to hot otherwise the marijuana will fry. Heat it for 2 or 3 hours and stir occasionally. Let it cool and then strain the oil. It can be used for any recipe that calls for vegetable oil like mayonnaise or dressing.

-Marijuana milk or cream

100 ml of milk or cream [If you’re vegan, try using coconut cream.]
50 grams of grinded leaves or 5 grams of grinded weed

Heat up the milk or cream in a sauce pan bot don’t let it boil. Add the leaves or the weed and stir it gently. Let the mixture simmer for half an hour and don’t let it boil. Stir every now and then. Put the milk through a strainer and let it cool down. Use your milk in milkshakes or ice cream.


  • David Aquarius
    October 29, 2013

    Another method is to use clarified butter or ghee (butter that has all the milk solids removed) The milk solids will give the cannabutter a bitter taste. Heat just the butter in a sauce pan over low heat until melted then skim off the solids that form on the top. Pour the liquid into a glass bowl or Tupperware container to cool. Once cool and hard, remove the block from the dish and remove any milky liquid. I also scrape away any cloudy butter at the bottom which leaves pure clarified butter. This is remelted and cooked with trim or finely ground bud to make your favorite cannabutter. Stems and larger plant material means you steep your butter longer. I steep my butter around 2 to 3 hours in a double boiler so that the butter doesn’t get too hot yet still gets the last of the resin. To test the potency, I make a single batch of Betty Crocker peanut butter cookies. I eat one, wait an hour and then another. Once I determined the potency, I can make whatever goodie I want. Also, if you use a vaporizer, the vaped weed is good to use as well but may not have same the potency. However, it gives the butter a toasty, nutty quality that’s real tasty.

  • "T"
    January 21, 2014

    Can you can one make anything with the stuff over in the cheese cloth? Or dose one just trash it?

    • theo
      February 19, 2015

      i found to use the product in the cheesecloth is a bonus
      after you sqeeze the cloth as best you can ,zip tie the bag of product in a small saucepan with just enough water to cover.boil until until bag sqeezes clear.enjoy canna water
      wait,take the bag and toss in a hot bath.soak until bath colls
      what a relaxing bath non like it

  • Pam
    January 24, 2014

    Hi – can you tell me how much 50 grams of trim is? I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere, but it sounds like a ton of leaves. Thanks.

    • scott steven
      March 14, 2014

      50 grams is 6 grams shy of 2 full ounces

    • Anonymous
      June 18, 2014


  • J Rodriguez
    January 27, 2014

    Love the recipes. I make cannabutter all the time! I’m actually in the process of making 1 year aged canna oil. I’ll let you know how that goes! Anyway, thanks for the great recipes. Ohh and Pam, it really depends on the strain and how finely ground the leaf is. If the strain is higher in crystal content, each leaf will be heavier. If the leaf is ground finely, more weight will fit into a smaller area. I guest the easiest way to explain what I’m saying here is the best way to tell what 50 grams of your trim looks like is to throw it on a scale and weigh it out.

    • Anonymous
      July 6, 2014

      Hi there, I have a friend with a sick father and was wondeirng if youre willing to sell? I am not able to make it myself
      thank you!

  • Donna Pringle
    March 11, 2014

    if i get to grow my 6 plants how much will i yield?

  • scott steven
    March 14, 2014

    lot depends on the grower. Is it grown indoors or outdoors? How much nutrients u feed and how often. What strains are u growing? What medium are u using dirt or hydro? From my experiences A good yield indoors is 4 ozs per plant 1 1/2 lbs for 6 is a great yield indoors. Outdoors I have gotten up to 5 lb per plant. I just started light and hard stress training, topping, super cropping, and scroging. Our last yield indoors was 1/2 lb per plant. This next yield will be even larger. Experimentation and learning from your experiments is the key to higher yields. Plus u have alot of growing videos on you-tube on increasing yields. I’m trying the 1 pound stress training method will let u know in 4 months how much more yield we get if it works.

  • scott steven
    March 14, 2014

    i extract the thc oil ( hash oil or phoenix tears it goes by any of these 3 names) from the trim. Then i infuse it into butter, olive or coconut oil, or just use it for treatment of cancer a size of the grain of rice is one dose. The oil can be used many ways doing it this way.

    • Misty D Barnhisel
      December 17, 2019

      I would love to learn more on this.

  • NewToEating
    March 22, 2014

    I don’t understand the reason behind using water in the making of cana-butter (or in my case-coconut oil). I put the oil in the double boiler and when it’s all melted I add in the herb –all ground up in a powder. I stir it and let it simmer on the double boiler for hours. The longer the steep, the better the flavor. After it cools I line a mesh screen with cheese cloth and pour the oil through. I wring out the cheese cloth, dump the spent greenery into the compost bucket, rinse the cheesecloth and store the oil till its solid. Pretty sea green and very potent.

    • Anonymous
      July 21, 2014

      The water is just there to prevent it from burning, once you cool the butter or oil it will separate from the water, and you can dump it. 🙂

    • Baz RIchtor
      September 12, 2014

      The water will take out some of the bad taste and impurities from the weed. That’s why the water looks brown when you pour it from the butter.

  • Megaoils
    April 6, 2014

    Love this recipe. This will be useful for us. I am excited to to make cannabis butter oil milk. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Keep in posting.

  • cernovsti
    November 20, 2014

    Well, hello to all passers bye! If possible I would really appreciate to know what could be the therapeutic difference using resin extracted olive oil ( 5 grams of bud with 100 mls of olive oil compared with concentrated alcohol extracted RSO oil, for the treatment of cancer of the pancreas. Considering that a 2/3 full 20 ml syringe uses up 114 grams of bud. That is approximately 4 ozs. I would have thought that the concentrated oil would be therapeutically more active and therefore more beneficial than the olive oil product. Can you help?

  • John
    November 23, 2014

    i have never actually heard of marijuana milk.. it sounds really interesting. something to try out! thank you so much for sharing your recipes!

  • Millie Contovasilis
    May 31, 2015

    I am an 84 yr old woman that has been suffering with chronic pain sinc 1978 when I hurt my back. Since then I have been precribed anti-deflamitory pills by my doctor. Because of that the pills have caused me to be in stage 3 kidney failure and the doctor has stopped me from taking the anti-deflamatory pills and changed my pills to pain pills one year ago. The only pain pills that my stomach can handle are Hydrocone & Tramadol. Because my pain is so severe, the prescription calls for 1 pill every eight hours. Although the pills do not remove the pain completely, it just makes the pain bearable, I have to up the pills to 2 pills every 4 hours and I am sure that now I have become addicted and the amount of pills I would have to take would become even higher, if I continue taking that many pills, I may overdoze & die, I have read how marijuana helps to relieve the pain without effecting my kidneys so I have researched on the web and found a doctor that has approved me for medicinal marijuana. I have never smoked marijuana before and do not intend to. I do however want to cook with cannabis Oils & Butter. I have bought the Oil & butter already made and made some brownies & peanut butter cookies. The problem with that is that is just a guessing game on how much to use in cooking with it. The receipes calls just for 1/4 cup of oil in the already mix in a box of 24 cookies I am anxious to find receipes that I can cook healthy without all the sugar that baking cookies require if I add more cannabis oil it makes the cookies too soft. My question to you is that I need to get a chart on how to measure the right amount of oil & butter. I am looking for a recepie book that can give me the correct amount to add to the recepie. Can you suggest a recepie book for me to cook healthy meals.?

    • Teri
      June 7, 2015

      The Stoners Cookbook. Also join some of the cannabis groups on Facebook.
      So awesome you’ve found cannabis. The healing properties are endless!

      • Kat
        November 4, 2015

        We worked for 2 years to make this process mindless for you. Please visit and try out The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser asap! It will change the way you can experience edibles- we promise! We have loads of healthy clean/paleo recipes on our website and post new ones daily. Also like us on Facebook for more recipes and health tips. Best of luck 🙂

  • Anonymous
    February 15, 2016

    making brownies it calls for 1/3 cup of oil do i need to heat the oil first then add the chopped weed to it, how long should i cook it before letting it cool & add to the brownie mix?

  • Pam Crutchfield
    July 11, 2020

    Can I use Coconut oil instead of Canola oil in the Oil recipe?

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