Quick Ways To Detox Cannabis From Your System

Quick Ways To Detox Cannabis From Your System

It’s no secret that cannabis is a powerful plant with many medicinal properties. In recent years, CBD has come into the spotlight thanks to its therapeutic and non-intoxicating benefits. There are now millions of Americans who enjoy cannabis products and those who are opposed to their use for various reasons.


The legalization of marijuana and CBD has been a hot topic in the United States over the last decade. Some employers require current and prospective employees to take CBD tests. If you need a way to get rid of cannabis from your system, look no further. The following blog post has the best methods of detoxing THC out of your body.


What is CBD?


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CBD is a cannabis extract that is derived from the hemp plant. Unlike its other counterpart, THC, which has psychoactive properties and can cause euphoria when consumed in high doses, CBD does not contain any of these properties.


How Does CBD Work?


The human body contains cannabinoid receptors around its nerve endings responsible for regulating our central nervous system (CNS). Cannabinoid receptors are most concentrated in the brain and could potentially be responsible for your mood, appetite, sleep cycles, and more.


CBD interacts with these receptors to regulate all of those things. When you ingest CBD orally or apply it topically (in a cream), anandamide is released, which leads to feelings of well-being.


Benefits Of Using CBD


CBD has many benefits, such as relief from chronic pain and other mental disorders. CBD may also aid with the following:


  • Improving mood disorders such as PTSD and anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Antibacterial properties against certain forms of bacteria such as MRSA
  • Relieving side effects of cancer treatment like nausea or vomiting
  • Reducing seizures in patients with epilepsy


How To Get Rid Of CBD From Your System


There are a few different ways to detox the compounds from your system. Here are the various alternatives and options available:


1.  Use Synthetic Urine


The most popular method is to use synthetic urine. You can buy synthetic urine online or at some specialty stores. You must purchase this before you consume any CBD-containing products, as it will contain detectable levels of THC and other substances ingested over time.


If you’re concerned about the legality of using synthetic urine, don’t be. It’s not a crime to use it in this manner and has been used for decades as an effective means to pass drug tests.


2.  Filtering Your Cannabis Products


If you are smoking cannabis or vaping, try connecting with multiple filters before inhaling for maximum efficiency. This could include washing off any residual plant material from previous use that may be on rolling papers, as well as using an inline filter when vaping.


These measures may reduce the number of toxins released into the air during consumption. More importantly, they expedite how quickly marijuana exits your system by filtering out some of those harmful compounds before being absorbed by your body.



3.  Exercise, Exercise, Exercise


Exercising is another way to detox cannabis from your system. You can use exercise as a holistic treatment for many ailments related to cannabinoid toxicity by strengthening your immune system, improving mood, and lowering anxiety levels.


Additionally, as you sweat while working out, THC is excreted through your pores and skin. However, if you aren’t used to working out or have a condition that prevents exercise, this may not be the best method.


4.  CBD Patches and Gums


If you are looking to detox cannabis through your skin, CBD patches and gums may assist with this process. Both options provide relief from pain in localized areas of the body. The gum is an edible option, while the patch is non-invasive and provides better absorption rates compared to other forms of medication such as pills, tablets, and injections.


When using these products, it’s essential to follow directions carefully to get rid of cannabis from your system successfully without experiencing any significant side effects such as becoming overly tired or lethargic after consumption which could lead people into relapse.



5.  Changing Your Diet


Your diet plays a significant role in how quickly CBD leaves your system. The more processed foods you eat, the longer it will take for any trace amounts of cannabis to leave your body since these types of food are hard for the digestive tract to process.


Consuming whole grains, fruit or vegetables can help speed up this process because they create an environment that allows your liver to operate at optimum capacity by removing toxins from your bloodstream.


6.  Drink Plenty Of Fluids


Drinking fluids is a way to detox cannabis from your system.  Avoiding alcohol and other drugs will also assist in the process by keeping you hydrated, which will cleanse your body of any remaining THC. Water is the best option as it has no calories or preservatives that could interfere with the detoxification process. Drinking herbal tea or green tea can also benefit this procedure but should be consumed sparingly due to their high caffeine levels.




Undoubtedly, CDB may possess immense benefits for those with various ailments-from diabetes to cancer. However, before using any CBD products, it’s vital to engage in a thorough discussion with your doctor about the various risks and benefits of taking such medications. The above are just suggestions for how you could detox cannabis from your system or prevent detection on drug tests. Consulting with a medical professional before making any significant changes to your lifestyle is always a wise decision.


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