Puerto Rico Governor Signs Executive Order Decriminalizing Cannabis Possession

puertoEarlier this week Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Padilla Garcia signed an executive order into law that removes the possibility of criminal penalties for the possession of small amounts of cannabis.

The new law, which went into effect immediately, decriminalizes the possession of up to six grams of cannabis, removing the possibility of jail time or a criminal offense for those caught with such an amount. However, someone caught possessing up to six grams of cannabis may still be subject to a fine or mandatory rehabilitation.

According to Alejandro, the move will help free up prison space, and will save Puerto Rico millions of dollars in reduced enforcement costs.

In May, Alejandro signed an executive order legalizing medical cannabis.


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  1. Six (6) grams of herb, after sifting to 1/16th-inch particle size, is enough for 240 single tokes in a flexdrawtube one-hitter (sign in and help improve first two of “12 Ways to Make Pipes from Everyday Objects” wiki article).

    Vaporizing with a one-hitter:

    Hold half-inch flame
    one inch below,
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    19 seconds or so.


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