Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis Filed in Florida’s Senate

Florida Statefloridamed Senator Jeff Brandes, a Republican from St. Petersburg, has filed legislation to explicitly legalize the possession, use and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.

Under Senate Bill 528, those with a qualifying condition such as epilepsy, cancer and HIV/AIDS who receive a recommendation from a physician would be legally authorized to possess and use medical cannabis. The proposal would legalize medical cannabis dispensaries as a means of safe access for patients, and caregivers would be authorized to purchase cannabis for designated patients.

Filing of the proposal comes just two months after 58% of Florida voters voted to approve Amendment 2, an initiative to legalize medical cannabis through a constitutional amendment, which failed narrowly given it needed 60% to pass. The group behind that initiative – United for Care – is already working on a similar initiative, which was approved earlier this month by Florida’s Secretary of State, with the goal of putting it to a vote in 2016.


2 thoughts on “Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis Filed in Florida’s Senate”

  1. What about people with cronic hep c i deal with cronic pain and fatigue.not too mention the fact that i hav constant vomiting.marijuana helps me eat and keep food down.please consider adding hepatitis too the list of conditions or alments,thank you

  2. this would be good if they give the MD’s full control over who would benefit from medical cannabis NOT having ONLY certain Diseases as qualifiers for medical cannabis since it helps MORE than just cancer and hiv


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