Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis Cultivation Advances in New Hampshire

A bipartisan proposal to legalize the cultivation of a limited amount of cannabis for patients in New Hampshire has been approved through the state’s House Committee on Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairsnhcannabis. The measure was approved with a 13 to 3 vote.

House Bill 1622 would allow patients or their caregivers to cultivate up to 2 mature plants and 12 seedlings, unless they’re within 30 miles of a medical cannabis dispensary, which were legalized last year, but won’t open until 2015. The proposal was introduced by Republican Representative Donald Wright, and is cosponsored by Representatives Emily Sandblade (R), Andrew Renzullo (R) and Tim O’Flaherty (D); a companion bill in the Senate is being sponsored by Senator John Reagan (R).

The proposal is expected to be voted on by the full House next month.


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