Product Review: New Active8 THC Infused Drink Syrup

Product Review: New Active8 THC Infused Drink Syrup

The innovation coming out of the cannabis industry over the past few years has been nothing short of impressive. And in the world of edibles and drinkables, amazing new products are pushing the envelope to help recreational users maximize their experience.


If you love exploring new products in the cannabis niche, then you’re going to love Active-8


A product that both simplifies the consumption of THC in a legal way while enabling you to have fun with your friends without the hassle of a lot of gear or smoke!

Delta Extrax


What is Active8


Active8 is a THC infused Drink Syrup that is meant to be combined with sodas and other carbonated beverages as an alternative way of consuming THC. It comes in 2 different flavors, Cherry and Grape allowing you to complement various types of other drinks to create tasty concepts.


The syrup’s active THC ingredient is Delta-8 which less potent than it’s more well-known THC-9 brother but offers many additional benefits that are worth closer examination.


We spoke to Ed Koury, Digital Marketing Director, and here’s what he had to say:


“We are excited to release our new brand, Activ8 Delta-8 THC Syrup. This is the perfect companion for anyone’s favorite carbonated drink. It’s a great way to consume THC without the traditional ways of smoking or eating edibles. Delta-8 is taking off and we felt it was the right time to release an affordable syrup that people will love.” 


The Joint Blog got their hands on both flavors, so let’s dive in and show you what we found…


Product Details


Let’s explore the various aspects of the product.




The bottles came to us with a great little measuring cup and some styrofoam branded cups. Pretty much everything you need to get your party started with your friends. The branding on the bottle looks professional and all the detailed information (nutritional facts, expiration dates, warning, etc) that you would expect are there.



If you peel back the label, you’ll see instructions on how to mix the product and proper dosing. It’s not rocket science but always good to have a diagram to make sure you’re not making any mistakes.



The bottle is a dark color which I assume is to ensure freshness from damage from light. The top is a strong child-safety cap for consumers with kids. Safety first!


Overall, it’s a sharp looking product.




The syrup is exactly that, a viscous syrup and is meant to mixed, not consumed directly. The deep dark purple grape flavor smells and tastes fantastic, like grape flavored gum you may have had as a kid.


I felt the cherry initially smelled like cough syrup however I mixed it with Coke and it tasted just cherry coke!  It was so good.


Kudos to the flavoring team on both products!





Unlike other products like edibles, you have a lot of control over the potency here. You can put as much or as little as you want, and you can dilute as much as you need. In general, the potency is about half a much as THC-9 for the same volume.


Like in any other use of recreational consumption, start small and work your way up to where you feel comfortable. It takes anywhere from an hour to 2 to get the full effects and this will depend on many factors like whether you are on a full stomach, what your general tolerance is, your size, etc.


Ease of use


Its not rocket science…you pour the syrup into the measuring cup, and then pour it into your favorite soda. Mix well with a spoon, straw or stir stick and gulp it down to start your party or nurse it throughout the night. It doesn’t get easier than that.




What is Delta-8


So what’s this Detla-8 and how is different from THC? Well, there are over 110 different compounds called cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.


Most people have heard of THC-9, the most potent compound, which has been made illegal years ago in most countries. But as we learn more about the Cannabis plant and the various compounds and their effects, more and more research has come to light about other cannabinoids in the plant.


Delta-8 is also naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, but it only makes up 0.01% of the plant so it has been much less utilized.  It can be smoked or consumed in the same way as other THC products.


While federal law prohibits Delta9-THC from being sold and distributed, at this point Delta-8 is legal and defined as an industrial hemp product. Most states allow the legal use of Delta-8 for recreational purposes even without a medical card.  This is great news as the compounds are quite similar and the mental and physical effects are the same.  Typically, Delta-8 will create a bit more than half of the same intoxicating effects as Delta9.


So, if you’re looking for a way to get a milder higher to deal with anxiety or other potential ailments and disorders, Delta-8 may be a great option. If you’re looking to have fun with friends and kick off a party, this may be your new “go-to”. And being in liquid form through Active8 Syrup, it makes dosing quite easy.


Passing a Drug Test


While Delta-8 THC is a legal substance, it will most likely show up positive on a drug test. Most drug test are just checking traces of THC and can not discern the difference between the cannabinoids. Only when testing methods like Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) are used can the difference in compounds be made clear.


While Delta-8 THC is technically legal under law, it still has significant psychoactive characteristics and should be managed like other intoxicating substance. Do not operate heavy machinery and mange and control your dosing with testing in a safe way. It is highly recommended to speak to a physician before taking any psychedelic substances.


Why it’s good


First off, using Active8 is such a fun way to start a party. Getting a few friends together to mix some drinks and test out different combination creates a great atmosphere and doesn’t get in the way of conversation and fun times. Try it over some fun board games or during a great night of clubbing. It just mixes well with any plans you may have.


It’s also a great way to take the edge off during those stressful times in life. Being able to control the quantity consumed allows you to master you level of high for any occasion.


Not everyone enjoys smoking. And sometimes dosing with edibles can be problematic. Activ8 Syrup is so simple to use and to test to get the right levels your looking for.


Where to get it

Active-8 is currently sold online directly through their website at You can get single bottles with or without the cup (party on the go), 6 packs with and without the cups.







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