Press Conference Being Held Tomorrow by Idaho Activists Who Had Children Taken

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Press Conference Being Held Tomorrow by Idaho Activists Who Had Children Taken

Tomorrow, on the capitol steps in Idaho, Sarah Caldwell and Lindsey and Josh Rinehart will be hosting a press conference to address the removal of their kids over 931337_4232913115626_593058760_nthe use of medical marijuana. The press conference will be used as a vehicle to spread the word on the injustice of the situation.

The three individuals holding the press conference are all prominent marijuana activists in Idaho, working towards its legalization both for recreational and medicinal purposes. Lindsey Rhinehart is the Director of Compassionate Idaho, a non-profit organization working to put a medical marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot in the state. Her husband, Josh, is the Director of Idaho NORML. Sarah Caldwell is the Director of Idaho Moms for Marijuana, as well as the Finance Director for Moms for Marijuana International.

The four young boys who were removed from these activists – two Sarah’s, two Lindsey and Josh’s – are ages 11, 10, 6, and 5. They’re currently being held by the State of Idaho Child Protective Services. Removing these children from their families, over their use of a non-lethal medicine, is absurd and disgusting. Studies have shown that children living with cannabis consuming parents, or living in a grow-op, are at no more safety risk than any other child. However, removing children like this from their parents, is emotionally devastating for both the children, and the parents.

The children were taken into custody while Sarah, Lindsey and Josh were away on vacation – the children were being watched by a babysitter when police showed up to perform a “well child visit” (this was after interrogating one of the boys, after one of their friends had got in trouble for something unrelated). They subsequently bullied themselves into the house, finding marijuana which was used by Lindsey as medicine to treat her multiple sclerosis. Many believe that the attack was politically motivated, as Lindsey had, just days prior, made it known to the state’s legislature that Compassionate Idaho is working to put a medical marijuana legalization initiative on the 2014 ballot. Either way, the police certainly didn’t have the welfare of the children in mind, or they never would of been removed from their parents.

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The press conference will take place tomorrow, April 29th, at the steps of the Idaho State Capital (at 700 West Jefferson Street in Boise), and will begin at 2PM. If you’re in the area, we urge you to attend the event and show your support. If not, please help spread the word of this travesty!

[Thanks to an update by Lindsey Rhinehart (comment below), we were made aware that, thankfully, Sarah Caldewell’s children have been returned. However, Lindsey and Josh’s children remain tragically removed from them.]



  • Lindsey Rinehart
    April 29, 2013

    Thank you for writing this. One correction though, Sarah does have her boys back. They were returned to her on Thursday, Thank God!

  • Shad
    April 29, 2013

    I just went through a similar ordeal. I am in Pocatello. I was home with my two children when I was arrested for resisting arrest!?!? Then and only then they found what they suspected! B.S. But my kids were left in my care and nothing was said…(about the kids anyway)For that I am grateful, My issue now is the little bit of money I had to pay bills with along with the antique guns and family heirlooms that got seized. They are not being returned to me. In a way, I feel ya, and if any of my story helps yours or the other way around, I am here! Ciao and god bless your home.

  • Kim Paddock A.S.D.
    April 29, 2013

    Shad and others: all it takes for the police to do one of these so-called “well-child checks” is for someone, anyone, to say that there was or is “abuse” in the home (broad term there) or any other reason that the triad can come up with to take your children away. (The “triad” is the school, the police, and Health & Welfare). The reason given for this “well-child check” was that a friend of her son was caught with marijuana in his possession at school. In a normal court on any given day this excuse would be considered absurd and not even close to enough probable cause to issue a warrant on a person. But the state needs no probable cause and NO due process to take your child. The state H&W workers don’t have to supply tapes of their interrogations of your children in court…all they have to do is to say what they want and twist up what your child may have said to them. The American Family Rights page on Facebook is an organization that is fighting hard for families like ours whose children have been abused by this system of government intervention and illegal detention against it’s most vulnerable people…our children. Please look into the American Family Rights and get on board to help our children and protect them.

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