Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Announces Support for Decriminalizing Cannabis

Jeb BushIn a move that will likely come as a surprise to many, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, has announced that he supports decriminalizing cannabis.

“It’s one thing to say we should have decriminalization of marijuana. I support that,” Bush said in an interview on WBZ NewsRadio. This marks the first time the former Florida Governor has endorsed a move to end incarceration for cannabis.

Bush did note, however, that he still opposes full legalization, and foolishly still considers cannabis to be a gateway drug.

“Marijuana is a gateway drug just as opiates are a gateway drug,” Bush said. “Of course it is, every study shows that.”

Bush, of course, must not have seen the study published in July by the U.S. National Institute of Health, which found that “marijuana use within itself wasn’t a risk factor for use of other drugs”.


5 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Announces Support for Decriminalizing Cannabis”

  1. If he gets voted in I’ll flee the country. A gateway drug. Really? You can’t fix stupid. His brother has already proved that much to be true.

  2. We want cannabis legal now. Jeb Bush is headed into the future, but he has 1 foot still expressing lies. Cannabis is the gateway to a better way of life. Does beer lead to drinking hard liquor? No, it is a matter of taste. Stop the stigma against marijuana. Stop spreading the lie.

  3. This is the voice of the future from the state of South Dakota. Let Ms Plunkett have her position back in Butte County. Leave our officials who use cannabis stand as a shining example of the future!


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