President of Uruguay Officially Signs Cannabis Legalization Measure Into Law

In a historic move for the cannabis reform movement, as well as civil rights, Uruguay President José Mujica has officially signed into law a proposal to legalize cannabis throughout the nation, the first countryuruguay in the world to do so since prohibition began decades ago.

Under the new law, the possession, use and transfer of up to 40 grams of cannabis will be legal for those 18 and older, as will the private cultivation of up to 6 plants. In addition, state-run cannabis clubs will be established to distribute cannabis to adults, and pharmacies will be authorized to distribute cannabis to qualified patients. According to Julio Calzada, secretary general of Uruguay’s National Committee on Drugs, cannabis will be sold at just $1 a gram, as a means of undercutting the black-market.

The part of the proposal that authorizes cannabis outlets will take effect 120 days after Mujica signed the proposal, which happened late Monday night. However, as of today, all adults in Uruguay can legally cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants at home.


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