Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges – The Game Just Changed

Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges – The Game Just Changed

By Ken D.

Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges – The Game Just Changed

Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges have brought huge advantages in enjoying cannabis. This easy on the go innovation allows you to get lifted in a discreet manner. These benefits are highlighted by:

  1. The ease of use
  2. The discreet nature of the vape pen
  3. The almost indiscernible scent of vaping cannabis with a pre-filled cartridge

With all these advantages there have been serious drawbacks

    1. The Cost of Pre-Filled Cartridges
    2. The lack of choice in flavors
    3. The Lack of Choice in Strains

The Game Has Changed!

You can have All the Benefits of pre-filled cartridges with None of the Drawbacks.

Check out this video and see how you can make your own pre-filled cartridge in 10 seconds and save a ton of money!

How to Vape Concentrates from Wax Liquidizer on Vimeo.

Not only can you turn $100 of concentrate into $800 worth of pre-filled cartridges. You can use wax, shatter, distillate, RSO, and most concentrates to make your own cannabis infused vape cartridges. Concentrates that have raw plant matter such as hash, kief and bubble hash are not recommended.

The freedom to use your favorite strain and create your own cartridge is something pre-filled cartridges just can’ match. Think about mixing a nice Sour Diesel Wax with some Pineapple to create your own tasty blend of vape juice that you can keep in your pen and carry with you.

You may wonder how can I make $800 of cartridges with $100 of concentrate? This is how easy it is.

  1. One Gram of Concentrate + Two milliliters of liquidizer = 3ml
  2. Pre-filled Cartridges hold .5 ml
  3. Three milliliters of cannabis vape juice = 6 cartridges

I buy 4 grams of concentrate for $100

I turn that into 12 milliliters of cannabis infused vape juice.

That makes 24 pre-filled cartridges I have been buying for $35 each

24 cartridges x $35 = $840

The cost of concentrates and pre-filled cartridges vary from state to state and dispensary to dispensary however there is no denying the savings you gain by spending 10 seconds to make your own cannabis infused pre-filled vape cartridges.


For more information on how to make your own cartridges check out

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