Free Cannabis Give-Away for Veterans Being Held on April 24th in Portland

On Sunday, April 24th starting at 2:00pm PDT and ending at 5:00pm, the organization Grow for Vets will be holding a cannabis give-away that’s entirely free for military veterans. The group will be giving cannabis away to its membersgrow, as well as veterans who aren’t members but register online for the event at Non-veterans are also welcome to attend with a $20 donation.

The give-away is just the latest in a series of national events organized by Grow For Vets that are meant “to draw attention to the dilemma of America’s military Veterans”. According to the group; “Many of those Veterans are returning home with a variety of physical and emotional injuries suffered during their military service; and a growing number of vets are demanding they be allowed access to cannabis as part of their treatment.”

Roger Martin, a U.S. Army Veteran and the group’s founder and executive director, says there’s a large body of research that shows cannabis can be a safe and effective alternative to the lethal combinations of prescription drugs that the Veterans Administration (VA) currently gives out to Veterans who are trying to cope with chronic pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other life-changing conditions.

“We have more like 50 American heroes dying every day,” says Martin, “when you consider both prescription drug overdose and suicide. And most of those men and women who are killing themselves do so because they’re taking up to 20 or more prescription drugs a day – and they’re so damned depressed they just give up all hope.”

Grow For Vets asks that all participants planning to attend the give-away bring a valid, government-issued identification. Veterans should also have their VA identification card, DD214 document or other government-issued ID showing their status as Veterans.

More information about the event – which is being held at Portland’s Refuge PDX center (116 SE Yamhill St) – and to register online, go to:


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  1. You should do one on the east coast as I am a veg and would like to go… in PA and while it’s legal but not here right now, dc. May be a good place, and maybe even I could stop by talk to a representative in DC for PA, and get it legislated that if it’s LEGAL in pa, but if your were even a patient, it will take about 1.5 years if not longer and implement. So during this 1.5 YEAR waiting period, kids can get medicinal marijuanna. But why can’t vets? We have to wait 1.5 years for pa to setup their own pa approved dispensaries growing places why should we have to wait for their stupidity. If it’s legal I as a veteran or even regular state citizen, should be able to get it from a neighboring state for medicinal uses. Should be allowed to grow a plant but pa allows the cannabis for ptsd, but can’t let us go get it elsewhere, and PERSCRIBED it in literally every other form (even vaping), but not smoking. This is obviously being put together with a business model mindset which is right to do but we shouldn’t have to miss out because their take haven market isn’t in place and will take longer then that – SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE THE LAW PASSED. ESPECIALLY PA CIVILIAN RATING FROM FOX NEWS WAS ONE OF THE HIGHEST IN THOSE COUNTRY, BEING ALMOST 90 PERCENT FOR MEDICINAL MARIJUANA.


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