Portland Council Votes Unanimously to Allow Cannabis Delivery Services

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Portland Council Votes Unanimously to Allow Cannabis Delivery Services

The Portland, Oregon City Council voted yesterday to allow cannabis delivery services (“marijuana couriers”) and other “micro” cannabis business types.

The move, which was approved unanimously, is designed to ease the financial and regulatory burden imposed by those trying to get involved in the new industry.

“Since the state regulations keep changing and the industry keep flourishing; we’ll be coming back with multiple changes I’m sure,” Commissioner Amanda Fritz said following the vote. “I look forward to that time.”

Under the new law, cannabis courier businesses can produce cannabis and cannabis products, but will be required to remain a delivery-only service; this means that no brick and mortar location will be offering delivery.

As with retail outlets, delivery services must be headquartered in a permitted building in an area where it’s allowed.

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The law does allows delivery services to open next to a cannabis retail outlet, whereas other retail outlets must maintain an 1,000 foot barrier between shops.

In order to become properly licensed, delivery services must; complete a background check; obtain an alarm permit from the Portland Police Bureau; obtain an electrical permit for the Bureau of Development Services; and provide proof that they have installed an air filtration system.

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