Popular and Effective Ways to Consume CBD

Popular and Effective Ways to Consume CBD

Our methods for taking CBD are constantly evolving. Only a decade ago, it would be hard to find CBD edibles even in a state without prohibition. Today consumers have the choice between CBD oil, vape, flower, topicals, and infusions into every type of food imaginable.


The most popular and effective ways to consume CBD are constantly shifting with knowledge and trends in the industry. CBD ingestion has a significant impact on how the CBD will affect the user, making the way you take CBD very important.


Taking CBD Oil


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When taken correctly, CBD oil is one of the most efficient delivery methods. Allowing the CBD to dissolve under the tongue is called sublingual administration. CBD oil is designed to be taken in this way. Swallowing CBD oil subjects the CBD to the liver and digestive system, slowing down delivery and lowing absorption rates.


Efficiency is most important to those looking to utilize the most CBD possible in their product. Users not worried about how much CBD they need, either because they have a low tolerance or are getting a significant dose.


Best Way to Consume CBD


Many consider taking CBD oil to be the best method because of the relatively high absorption rate and no severe side effects. Administration methods like vaping or smoking flower have a higher bioavailability but inhaling hot smoke is very harmful.


The most effective way of taking CBD may not be the best for the user. CBD edibles are regarded as the least efficient, but if the dose is high enough and taken consistently, they will get the amount they need to feel the benefits.


Best Ways to Absorb CBD


Absorption rates can be misleading. We aren’t sure how well a CBD roll on is working. There aren’t any reliable tests observing the rate of CBD that is absorbed into the bloodstream after taking a CBD topical.


Many companies claim they have close to 100% bioavailability, but this isn’t usually backed up with reliable research.


Be sure to follow the directions on the CBD products label. Administration methods are evolving all the time; new methods are coming out and must be done correctly to work. Using CBD products the way they were designed ensures that the user gets the most CBD into their body as possible.


How to Consume CBD Oil?


The best way to consume CBD oil is through sublingual administration. The method is done correctly by allowing the CBD oil to remain under the tongue for at least 30 seconds. The more CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucosal glands under the tongue, the more it will become usable for the body.


Allowing CBD oil drops to dissolve in water or tea is a common practice. This may seem like a good idea, but it defeats the purpose of CBD oil. The oil doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream as effectively, and much of the CBD is wasted.


How to Take CBD?


We recommend taking the CBD product as directed and doing so regularly to get the best results. While some methods are more efficient than others, taking a regular dose is the most crucial aspect of CBD.


Oil may have a higher bioavailability and be more efficient, but it does not matter if you regularly do it. Find the method that you are comfortable with and will stick to a routine.


While we prefer taking CBD oil sublingually because of its efficiency, we are advocates for any method that gets people feeling the benefits of taking CBD. The popular or most effective method is irrelevant; users must find the right way to take CBD for their lifestyle.

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