Poll: Roughly 70% of Parents Support the Legalization of Medical Cannabis

A new survey released today has found that roughly 70% of all parents (of children ages 10 to 19) support the legalization of medical cannabis, including 72% of all moms, and 73% of Colorado parents.Medical-Marijuana

The survey – which was a collaboration between the Partnership at DrugFree.org and Whitman Insight Strategies – polled 1,603 adults, 1,200 of which are parents.

The poll found that 70% of the general population supports legalized medical cannabis; surprisingly, moms were even more likely to be in support, at 72%. Dads were slightly less likely at 67%.

The polling also found a majority of the general population (52%) to be in favor of cannabis decriminalization, including 53% of parents residing in Washington or Colorado, and 45% of parents across the country.

This new poll, among anything else, shows that medical cannabis has a strong, majority support among parents in the U.S.


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