Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Veterans Support Medical Cannabis

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Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Veterans Support Medical Cannabis

According to a new survey commissioned by the American Legion, a vast majority of Veterans in the U.S. are in support of cannabis as medicine.

According to the survey, 81% of veterans support legalizing medical cannabis at the federal level. An even higher number of veteran caregivers are in support, at 83%.

The survey had 1,360 respondents from across the U.S., with 802 being either a military veteran (513) or a non-professional veteran caregiver (289). 92% of respondents from both groups support medical research on cannabis, while 82% of respondents favor legalizing medical cannabis. Support was found across the political spectrum, with 88% of conservatives  supporting medical cannabis legalization, compared to 90% of liberals and 70% of those who consider themselves non aligned with any particular ideology.

The poll has a margin of error  plus or minus 3.43%

servative respondents, as well as 90% of self-identified liberals and 70% of self-identified non-partisans, support federally legalized medical cannabis.

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  • online420card
    November 5, 2017

    This is a great move hailed by advocates for helping veterans. Cannabis use can certainly improve the quality of life for those suffering from PTSD.

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