Poll: Over 80% of Voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis

New pollingmed-mar-10-21-11-2 released today by Quinnipiac University has found that a vast majority of voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania support legalizing medical cannabis, and a majority in each state also supports legalizing recreational cannabis.

“Voters in three critical swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, support legalization of medical marijuana by margins of 5-1 or more and also support legalization of recreational marijuana use by smaller margins”, according to the Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll. “Support for medical marijuana is 84 – 14 percent in Florida, 84 – 15 percent in Ohio and 88 – 10 percent in Pennsylvania”.

Support for allowing adults “to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use” was also high in each state; “55 – 42 percent in Florida, 52 – 44 percent in Ohio and 51 – 45 percent in Pennsylvania.”

The full poll results can be found by clicking here.


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