Majority of Voters in Michigan Support Cannabis Legalization, According to New Poll

Fifty-onemichigan percent of likely Michigan voters say they would support the legalization of cannabis for recreational use if it were to be regulated and taxed like alcohol, while 45 percent oppose the idea, according to the latest statewide poll conducted by Marketing Resource Group (MRG).

According to a press release from MRG; “Geographically, the strongest support came from the Suburban Wayne County area (57 percent support, 41 percent oppose) and Macomb County (52 percent approve, 40 percent oppose). The City of Detroit (44 percent support, 50 percent oppose), West Michigan (48 percent support, 46 percent oppose), and the Tri-City Thumb area (49 percent support, 48 percent oppose) are split on the issue and voters in the Upper Peninsula (26 percent support, 69 percent oppose) oppose the idea.”

The actual wording and full results of the question is as follows:

Would you support or oppose the legalization of marijuana for recreational use if it was regulated and taxed like alcohol? [IF SUPPORT/OPPOSE, ASK:] Would that be strongly [SUPPORT/OPPOSE] or just somewhat [SUPPORT/OPPOSE]?

Strongly Support: 36%
Somewhat Support: 15%
Neither (VOLUNTEERED): 2%
Somewhat Oppose: 9%
Strongly Oppose: 37%
Don’t Know: 2%
Refused: 0%



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