Poll: Majority of Michigan Voters Support Legalizing Cannabis

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Poll: Majority of Michigan Voters Support Legalizing Cannabis

A new poll conductedmichigan by the polling firm EPIC-MRA has found that a majority of voters in Michigan would vote to legalize recreational cannabis if given the chance.

According to the survey, 50% of Michigan voters support legalizing cannabis, with 46% opposed; the remaining 4% are undecided.

The results mark a 3% increase in approval for cannabis legalization since the last time the firm posed the question; in September, 2013, support was shown to be at 47%.

Of the 50% who stated that they would vote to legalize cannabis, 39% said that they would “definitely” vote yes if given the chance, with 9% saying they would “probably” vote yes, and 2% saying that they’re leaning towards voting yes. Of those opposed to legalizing cannabis, 35% said they would “definitely” vote against a legalization initiative, with 8% saying they would “probably” vote against it, and 3% leaning towards voting against it.

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The full poll, which included 600 participants with a 4% error rate, can be found by clicking here.


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