Poll Finds Strong Support for Legalizing Cannabis in Rhode Island

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Poll Finds Strong Support for Legalizing Cannabis in Rhode Island

A strongcannabisjointandbud majority of voters in Rhode Island support legalizing cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol, according to a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, and commissioned by Regulate Rhode Island.

According to the survey of 762 Rhode Island voters, 57% support legalizing, regulating and taxing cannabis

Regulate Rhode Island is pushing for passage of bills in the state’s House and Senate – introduced last month – sponsored by Senators Joshua Miller Representative Scott Slater, which would legalize cannabis for those 21 and older while establishing a regulatory framework for its legal distribution.

“From Cumberland to Narragansett, there is exceptionally strong support for ending marijuana prohibition in Rhode Island this year,” says Regulate Rhode Island Director Jared Moffat. “The Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act creates a responsible alternative that proactively controls for public health concerns while allowing adults 21 and older the freedom to legally use marijuana if they choose. Taking the marijuana market above board will create taxpaying jobs and allow the state to tax the distribution and sale of marijuana.”

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This new poll shows that Rode Island voters favor legalizing cannabis at a slightly higher level than the national average; two national polls this month – one by the Pew Research Center, and one by CBS News – found 53% of Americans to be in support of cannabis legalization.


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